Woodside's Photography(non-registered)
Mr. Germani, We provide online ordering as a convenience to our customers who prefer the convenience of online order. OUR prices remain the same. The online host adds a percentage based on the sale price. Because the images are produced at our lab and sent directly to you from there, yes, you have to pay for shipping. And, as required by state law, you must pay FL sales tax with your purchase. You will note on your flyer you received that if you have questions or concerns you may contact the studio. That information is provided readily. You always have the option to order by contacting the studio OR sending in the order form you received by mail. You may pick up your order placed through the studio AT the studio. We do charge for shipping if you wish it delivered another way. And, of course, you must pay sales tax at the studio as well. We do not deceive or trick our customers into buying online. You always have the option not to purchase at those prices. You ALWAYS have the option of contacting us directly to place your order. I am sorry for your disappointment.
mark germani(non-registered)
Buyer beware! They neglect to inform you on thier brochure that by ordering on line you will be charged additional money per package and forced to pay for shipping. The order on line option is hilighted in orange, yet there is no mention of additional fees for using the photographer's website.
You are penalized for providing the photographer with guaranteed payment (credit card). This additional fees on my order totaled $20, which in this economy is quite a bit of money. Especially when you figure in all the additional fees associated with a high school graduation.
chris riley(non-registered)
my friend sierra gerhardstein looks so good in her photos
Mom & Dad Albrecht(non-registered)
I am so glad that we found this photo of you!! You are such a handsome young man!! No matter what ANYONE has told you, Nicholaus, your Dad and I LOVE YOU so very much. We always have and we always will. Maybe one of these days we will actually be able to speak with you and your brother and sister. We do love you, Nick and we are so proud of you. If you want to get in contact with us (that would be great), our Email is: We are constantly wondering about you and your siblings and how you all are doing and what you all are doing. We love you so very much!!!! You are in our constant thoughts and prayers!!!! LOVE, Mom & Dad Albrecht
Uncle Raymond & Aunt Debbie(non-registered)
Congratulations! we are proud of you and wish you well. Best wishes for your senior year.Remember to follow your dreams! Like the picture of you in front of the old truck.
Love Uncle Raymond
& Aunt Debbie
noah torkelson(non-registered)
basketball pictures
Aunt Gail Malone(non-registered)
Great pictures. Congratulations, I'm very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too. Keep moving forward to something great. Love you and hope to see you next summer in Idaho. Love Aunt Gail
Ms. Jeanne(non-registered)
Your pictures are great and I just can not believe that you are such a grown up handsome man! I do wish you a future full of good health, weath and happiness.
What a grown up, handsome young man you've become. I'm going to find it very hard to pick out my favorite picture. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!
What a handsome young man you are. Great pictures I love the one of you sitting on the old Dodge running board with your elbows on your knees and the on I think it is 10 with the baseball bat. Love Great Aunt Lynne
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